New high: 10,000 views

This blog has grown.

In the first months, it had only about 10 daily views. The average increased continuously and today it goes beyond a hundred, with peaks of 160 views. A few days ago, this site reached ten thousand views milestone, summed up since last year June.


New horizons: English articles

The goal of this blog is contribute to IT community. Nothing better to reach more people than using the world’s IT “official” language.

It’s with great pleasure that I announce today the launch of the internationalized version of this blog! Notice the flag on the right.

I will continue to write primarily in Portuguese. However, I’ll start to translate the current content. Portuguese speakers won’t lost anything if they just ignore the other language.

At the present, only a small part of the accesses comes from another countries. My intent is to raise the international visibility of the Brazilian community of developers through this blog, even though with such a small contribution.

But, I have to confess, there is a double intent in all that: practice my English skills. I have already written some articles on how to improve the overall English comprehension reading books. Well, it’s time to do the same in writing.

Exactly because of that I left a big yellow alert saying My English is beta. That’s right. Not only Google and other companies that adopt agile principles can put unpolished “products” in “production”. 😉

What you should to expect

Making my work and thoughts public is not always easy. As I have written, I am exposed to critique and criticism. Something published online is like a tattoo: once done, you’ll never erase it completely again. I’ll do my best to maintain the quality in a high standard.

Moreover, the issues remain divided in four big categories.

The first one contains technical tips of programming. They can be simple or complicated, but I’ll try to post those who can save the life of a poor programmer in despair. Most of this tips come from such situations that happens on sites like StackOverflow.

The second contains reflections about Software Engineering. For instance, when I write about software development problems or difficulties on estimation.

The third refers to Software Architecture. I plan to write a series of articles introducing various technologies to serve as a reference for developers. Furthermore, articles on how to choose and use specific technologies will be part of this category.

Finally, I’ll continue to share thoughts about career and professional development. I regard this as essential. My intent is to administer it continuously in order to lift some professionals from lethargy, where one day I was.

I believe the four aforementioned topics are fundamental for good Software Engineers and will produce good results if administered with right proportions.

Thank you, dear reader

Writing to nobody can be a stress reliever. But it’s much better to know you’re coming, reading, sharing and commenting.

So, thank you!

Please, keep liking, sharing and commenting.

It’s for you.